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A Case for Headers Affecting the Brain…

If there was ever a poster boy needed of how headers might affect the intelligence of a footballer, Mario Balotelli might be a great candidate. Not for the positives though.

First he said he was the best striker in the city, then he goes around getting sent off for stupid offences. Not to mention wearing an AC Milan jersey on national TV while playing for Inter Milan. 

And now, he throws darts at youth players. If you thought Ashley Cole was bad, Mario redefined the meaning. Probably of “stupid” as well.

Confused City-ians

First, Balotelli came in and said he was the best striker in town. He completely ignored the fact that Tevez scores more than him, and Rooney will probably trump him any day. There is no doubt the boy is a bit special, but with his temperament, he will probably walk down the tunnel more often than putting the ball into the net. 

Then, came Edin Dzeko claiming that Man City is the best team in Manchester. A draw, a couple of losses, and a trophy cabinet that looks empty doesn’t seem to justify his claims. 

Two strikers, brought in for goals, going wildly off target with their comments. No wonder City still needs Tevez.